Video shows LA DA George Gascon's right-hand man arrested in DUI stop: 'You've pulled over the wrong person' - Gascon Must Go
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Video shows LA DA George Gascon’s right-hand man arrested in DUI stop: ‘You’ve pulled over the wrong person’

A damaging new video shows George Gascon’s No. 2 in command, Joseph Iniguez, slurring his words and repeatedly attempting to intimidate Azusa police officers who were questioning his fiancé about a possible DUI in 2021.

Iniguez says, “You’ve pulled over the wrong person,” and repeatedly asks an officer to run his license plates (which would show he worked for the DA’s Office). He also told his fiancé to not answer the officer’s questions. Interfering in an investigation and attempting to abuse his power is unethical and should be investigated by the DA and State Bar.

I demand that Gascon immediately suspend Iniguez to determine whether he abused his authority or violated any DA policies. Sadly, Iniguez is not the first Gascon executive to embarrass this once-premier office. His No. 3 in command, Diana Teran, was charged by the AG with 11 felony counts and is awaiting trial.

At this point, Gascon’s management of the DA’s Office can only be described as catastrophically incompetent.

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