Another veteran prosecutor alleges Gascon criticisms spurred retaliation - Gascon Must Go
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Another veteran prosecutor alleges Gascon criticisms spurred retaliation

Yet another seasoned deputy district attorney in Los Angeles County has taken legal action against DA George Gascon. Phillip Glaviano, a Deputy District Attorney, has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court seeking unspecified damages and legal fees, claiming that his concerns regarding the integrity and legality of directives issued by District Attorney George Gascón led to his reassignment to a less prestigious position and hindered his career progression.

Before his transfer in October 2022, Glaviano served as the head deputy district attorney in the Juvenile Division. He claims that this move was a result of management pushback, and he was reassigned to Central Division Trials, a role involving personnel training, according to his lawsuit.

This lawsuit joins a growing list of cases brought by individuals who assert that they’ve experienced retaliation and demotions at the hands of Gascon due to their opposition to his policies.

As DA, Nathan Hochman will fight crime, not his own prosecutors.

Read the full article at the Los Angeles Daily News.