Gascon mishandles child abuse case - Gascon Must Go
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Gascon mishandles child abuse case

Gascón’s mishandling of this child abuse case is inexcusable.

I decided to run for LA County District Attorney because I cannot sit idly by as George Gascón’s pro-criminal policies were putting our safety all at risk. For the past three years, it seems like on almost a daily basis, we have watched Gascon put the interests of criminals first over those of victims.

This latest incident really stands out. A 31-year old woman brutally assaulted a 13-year old girl at a McDonald’s, pummeling her with punches, traumatizing her, all caught on cell phone video.

The case started out as a felony child abuse prosecution, but Gascón reduced it to a misdemeanor, basically a slap on the wrist for this child abuser. To the 13-year-old victim, I’m sorry that the justice system failed you, but please take comfort in knowing that many of us out there, including me, support you.

To Gascón, this is why your days as DA are numbered – decisions like this. When I am the DA, we will put the interest of victims first, not criminals.