Gascon’s Big Lie Exposed: Violent and Property Crime Increased Again in 2023 in Los Angeles County, DOJ Stats Show - Gascon Must Go
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Gascon’s Big Lie Exposed: Violent and Property Crime Increased Again in 2023 in Los Angeles County, DOJ Stats Show

Public Suffers as Gascon’s Social Experiment Fails: Crime Has Increased Every Year He’s Been D.A.

LOS ANGELES / July 9, 2024 – New crime statistics released by the State of California Department of Justice show that violent and property crime increased once again in Los Angeles County in 2023, the third consecutive year of worsening crime under the pro-criminal, anti-victim policies of D.A. George Gascon.

Despite Gascon’s false claims that crime is going down, the new statistics – which include crime data from every law enforcement agency in the county – show violent and property crime in the county increased again in 2023, just as they have every year he’s been in office.

“This is evidence that the reality we are experiencing every day in L.A. County is not some illusion, that the escalating criminal activity we’ve been seeing, hearing and feeling is supported by the numbers. We are all less safe with George Gascon as D.A.,” said Nathan Hochman, the former federal prosecutor and Assistant U.S. Attorney General who is running to defeat Gascon in the November election. “When you stop prosecuting certain crimes, criminals benefit, crime increases, and the public suffers.”

Highlights from the DOJ OpenJustice statistics:

  • Violent crimes reported in the county reached 61,193 in 2023 – UP 12% from the 54,600 reported in 2020, the year Gascon took office.
  • Robberies reported in the county reached 17,635 in 2023 – UP 16% from the 15,221 reported in 2020.
  • Property crimes reached 256,613 in 2023 – UP 20% from the 213,377 reported in 2020.
  • Shoplifting in L.A. County reached 34,303 in 2023 – UP 133% from the 14,714 reported in 2020.
  • Auto theft reached 61,024 in 2023 – UP 23% from the 49,554 reported in 2020.
  • Burglaries reached 39,529 in 2023 – UP 8% from the 36,725 reported in 2020.

Gascon's Big Lie Exposed - Crime Stats have increased

These numbers directly contradict Gascon’s statements at a debate in January, as reported by the Los Angeles Daily News. “We have seen crime coming down … at the same time that we have continued with the reform efforts,” Gascon said. “The fact is our reforms are good for public safety.”

Hochman said, “Rather than being good for public safety, Gascon’s policies have failed. Even before these numbers were released, the public knew Gascon’s pro-criminal policies have harmed Los Angeles County. By failing to enforce certain laws, by reducing the penalties for committing crime, we are all less safe. Murders and other terrible crimes have been committed by numerous people who should have been in prison. We have a chance to end this failed social experiment in November. As DA, I will reverse Gascon’s policies and make public safety my top priority.”

Recent polling shows Hochman with a massive 50% to 25% lead over Gascon, with voters expressing deep dissatisfaction with the current D.A.’s policies that benefit criminals at the expense of victims and have fueled an increase in crime.

About Nathan Hochman:
Nathan Hochman, a former federal prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney General, President of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission and defense attorney, is running to defeat George Gascon and become the next District Attorney of Los Angeles County. He is an Independent (No Party Preference) candidate who believes politics has no place in the D.A.’s Office. He has bipartisan support and is endorsed by the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs’ Association, the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, former L.A. County District Attorneys Jackie Lacey and Steve Cooley, more than 65 elected officials and dozens of civic and business leaders. For more information about Hochman and his campaign, please visit