Victim Stories: Philip White, Orsie Carter and William Carter - Gascon Must Go
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Victim Stories: Philip White, Orsie Carter and William Carter

In May 2018, Nancy Jackson murdered Philip White (65 years old), his mother Orsi Carter (79 years old) and her husband William Carter (83 years old) in Leimert Park. Nancy had befriended Philip who was physically disabled and a widower. Nancy moved in and was taking advantage of Philip. Philip’s parents attempted to assist him. Nancy murdered all three. Jackson was charged with three counts of murder and Special Circumstances making her eligible for a sentence of Life Without the Possibility of Parole. Gascon offered a plea deal for three counts of murder but dismissed the Special Circumstance, making the defendant eligible for parole in 20 years because of elder parole. (Penal Code 3055).


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California law allows sentencing enhancements/allegations to be filed to show the gravamen of the offense. Filing an enhancement or allegation affects the bail that is set and can also affect the sentence a defendant receives upon conviction. Although the law allows allegations and enhancements to be charged, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon’s misguided policies do not.