Victim Stories: Javier Zamora and Justin Curiel - Gascon Must Go
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Victim Stories: Javier Zamora and Justin Curiel

Victor Bibiano and another gang member were convicted by a jury of the 2009 murders of Justin Curiel and Javier Zamora. An additional victim was shot but survived. The jury found that the defendants committed the murders for the benefit of the gang and Bibiano used a gun. The Court of Appeal sent the case back for a retroactive transfer hearing, which the District Attorney’s Office refused to conduct. Because of that, Bibiano was released after only 12 years in custody after murdering two people for the benefit of his gang.

Within a few months of being released, Bibiano was arrested and convicted of spousal abuse and then released. A few months after being released on spousal abuse, Bibiano was arrested and charged with murdering Mario Rodriguez on April 16, 2022. Because Gascón’s policies do not allow gang allegations, it is unknown whether this new crime was committed for the benefit of the gang. If Bibiano had been transferred to criminal court, he would still be in custody and Mr. Rodriguez would be alive. Gascon’s policies are directly responsible for Rodriguez’ murder.