Gascon complains murder victim’s family ‘can’t keep their mouths shut’ - Gascon Must Go
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Gascon complains murder victim’s family ‘can’t keep their mouths shut’

As if his lenient pro-criminal policies weren’t bad enough, George Gascon insulted a family grieving the murder of a loved one, calling them uneducated and complaining that they “can’t keep their mouths shut.” This man is truly cruel and insensitive and unfit to serve as District Attorney of the largest local prosecuting agency in the country.

Controversial Los Angeles County DA complains murder victim’s family ‘can’t keep their mouths shut’

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon on Friday appeared to say that people yelling at him were too uneducated to not interrupt him while he was speaking in front of a Pomona courthouse, according to a report.

“It’s unfortunate that some people do not have enough education to keep their mouth shut so we can talk,” he said while the family of a murder victim shouted at him, according to a video taken by FOX 11 Los Angeles reporter Bill Melugin.

“My son can never speak again because he was murdered,” a woman, who FOX 11 reported was the mother of Joshua Rodriguez, who was killed in 2015, told Gascon. “He was kidnapped, tortured and murdered. My son matters.”

Gascon planned to drop special circumstances filed for Rodriguez’s accused killers, removing the possibility of life without parole, according to Melugin.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since it is one of the newly elected DA’s campaign promises after receiving support from the BLM movement and financial backing of George Soros, Los Angeles Times reported.